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This is

how I brand.

Through the years I've been asked to do naming and logo design for many brands. It is something I love doing above all else. I've developed tools to help better understand the needs and vision of my clients to offer them a complete branding analysis, strategy, guidelines and marketing plans to make the whole process streamlined and collaborative. Below are just a few brands I had the pleasure to develop.

This is what i did on this project.

Brand Analysis // Strategy // Naming // Moodboards // Logo Design // Guidelines //

This is what it looks like.

This is what i learned from this project.

Working in tandem with the client through brand analysis helps me better establish the brand's values, unique selling proposition, target market and tone to strategize their marketing initiatives and be able to develop a logo that will follow them through the evolution of their brand. It also helps the client have a more effective launch, brand development tools and keep business decisions in line with the brand.

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